The first time I ever heard the Stoneham V2-50 and V-Four 100 heads I knew I had to do something about this. Martin and I worked together and came up with the Stoneham Savage Mk1. Stoneham can make any bespoke custom amp to the highest quality. If you want the best in tone, reliability, looks, user-friendly, classy amplification, Stoneham Amps is the one to have.”

Jimi Savage

These Stoneham Amps sound incredible, and are built like tanks with extremely good support from Martin - although to my mind they never go wrong! I'm extremely fussy about my gear and would not be saying these things if they were not true or I wasn't entirely confident. So when all said and done, combined with the price situation, it's an absolute sitter!”

Paul Rose

One of - if not THE - best and most reliable amps I have ever owned. Build quality is amazing, the sound is massive and Martin is a great guy to deal with.”

Darren Taggart

I've been dealing with Martin from even before he formally launched the business. Stoneham have built me two wonderful custom amps, and supplied me with a 2x12 cab. On top of that they’ve rescued one of my other very unwell amps and has carried out various maintenance jobs for me. Top quality stuff every time, and great to deal with. Swift turnarounds to so no stress involved at all. Highly recommended.”

Bad Bob Bates

We’re always keen to collaborate with professional artists on custom amp builds. If you’re interested in finding an amplifier that delivers the tone you’ve always wanted, with modern features, seamless channel switching and ultimate reliability then contact us to find out more.

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